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Where Healing Begins!
Barn rules
Solid Rock
Where Healing Begins!
1. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 2. Riders under the age of 18 must wear ASTM-approved safety helmets at all times. Long pants and heeled boots are strongly recommended. 3. All riders must sign a liability waiver before they will be allowed to mount or be in the barn area. 4. Never pet or feed a horse you do not know. Ask permission. 5. Never touch anyone else's tack, equipment or property without permission. 6. Clean up after yourself and your horse. This includes common areas, such as wash stalls. 7. No horseplay at the barn. This includes running, shouting, throwing projectiles, waving objects, wrestling, fighting and chasing. 8. No gossip at the barn. If you have a conflict, resolve it with the other person or talk to a barn employee. 9. No Pets are allowed at the barn (dogs, cats, etc.). 10. No smoking in the barn or near the arenas. 11. No riding in the barn, pastures or parking lot. 12. Keep barn aisle ways clear at all times. Groom, tack up, medicate and pet horses in designated areas. 13. Inhumane, neglectful or malicious treatment of animals or humans will not be tolerated. 14. Respect other people and their horses when riding or visiting the barn. "To God Be The Glory"    
BARN              RULES